Nyakatura Lab
for Comparative Zoology

In the Nyakatura lab we focus on the functional morphology and evolution of vertebrates. We combine collection-based and experimental work in our integrated research approach. For most of our projects, we collaborate with palaeontologists, mechanical engineers, or experts in computer-generated imagery. We additionally work on the historical and epistemic dimensions of image use in our field.

Head of the group is John A. Nyakatura, professor for comparative zoology at the Humboldt-University of Berlin.

Research Projects

Comparative Zoology

at the

Humboldt-University of Berlin

HU Berlin Campus Nord Haus 2
Mikroskopiersaal Haus 2 Campus Nord

our working group runs or is part of the following modules

Bachelor of Science


Mono, Kombi (Erst- / Zweitfach)

MB 5 Organismische Biologie

Zoological Part 😉

MB 26 Lebensgemeinschaften und Taxa in Raum und Zeit

Master of Science


OBBE 5 Evolution, Structure and Function of Land-living Vertebrates
OBBE 7 Biodiversity and Evolution 2 (Practice) - Collections
OBBE 14 Communicating Science

Teaching Collection

Founded in 1884, the teaching collection encompasses models as well as wet and dry specimens, microscopic slides, and educational wall charts. Many of the almost 30,000 objects are still used for teaching purposes. In addition to the teaching collection, holdings also include the research collections of Richard Hesse (microscopic slides) and Franz Eilhard Schulze (sponge specimens).

Teaching-collection-1 Nyakatura Lab Comparative Zoology
Teaching-collection-3 Nyakatura Lab Comparative Zoology
Teaching-collection-2 Nyakatura Lab Comparative Zoology
Teaching-collection-4 Nyakatura Lab Comparative Zoology
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