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differentially evolvable bone organization levels in slow arboreal mammals
Tamandua locomotion Nyakatura Lab Research

X-ray motion analysis of tamanduas finally started!

Adrian Scheidt and John Nyakatura started the analysis of tamandua locomotion and digging behaviour in collaboration with the University of Leipzig. So far, Faya and Hugo are doing a phantastic job.

Patricia returns from the field…

Patricia Berles Nyakatura Lab Research Project

…with a backpack full of amazing data. Welcome back! Patricia spent 5 month at the Estacíon Biológica Quebrada Blanco in Amazonian Peru. This is a field station run by the German Primate Center with well habituated mixed species troops of callitrichids, small New World primates. Patricia studied how the closely related species Leontopithecus nigrifrons and Saguinus mystax utilize their habitat. We hypothesize that behavioural differences are also reflected in their limb morphology and aim to show the functional significance of these morphological differences. Patricia quantified the primates’ jumping behaviour in relation to support parameters. We are glad you made it back in (relatively) good health, Patricia! Next: analysis.


Falk Mielke’s thesis is awarded the “Humboldt Preis“

Congrats to our former lab member! Falk’s thesis “Articular Surface Superimposition for Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Xenarthran Humerus Functional Morphology” was awarded with one of only two awards that are handed out for the best master’s theses of the HU’s academic year. After receiving the prestigious award, Falk started his PhD project in the lab of Peter Aerts at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. We whish him all the best and continued success.

Wissen braucht Gestaltung Nyakatura Lab

“Wissen braucht Gestaltung”

An interdisciplinary workshop will be held at the cluster of excellence “Image Knowledge Gestaltung: an interdisciplinary laboratory” on the 20th and 21st of October 2017. The workshop will be held in German and is co-organized by Kathrin Amelung, Christof Windgätter, and John Nyakatura.

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