Nyakatura-Lab for Comparative Zoology

Léo Botton-Divet

Dr. Léo Botton-Divet

technical assistent; µCT scanning
Léo Botton-Divet

I graduated my Msc in Systematics and Evolution at the UPMC of Paris working on beetles. Then I completed a PhD in functional morphology at the MNHN still in Paris studying locomotor adaptation to the semi-aquatic lifestyle in mammals (mustelids and rodents).

My current project focus on the evolution of long bones in a group of new world monkeys (Callitrichidae) in relation to their locomotor preferences and jumping behavior. The aim is to determine the morphological changes that goes together with the preferences in locomotor substrate use using morphometric approaches. Two other layers of this system will be investigated: muscular properties (dissections) and bone inner structure in order to get an in depth understanding of the locomotor apparatus. Using existing phylogenies this project should allow to understand the evolution of the locomotor apparatus through time in this group. Then the functional implications of the anatomical changes described will be with investigated using in vivo measures of jumping performances.


flying fish Oryzias CT Scan
flying fish - Exocoetidae
leatherback turtle skin Dermochelys
leatherback turtle skin Dermochelys coriacea
Rumpplate armadillo Calytophractus
Rumpplate armadilllo Calytophractus retusus
gannet head Morus
gannet head Morus bassanus
armadillo CT Scan
armadillo Calyptophractus retusus CT Scan
femoral trabeculae Tachyorychtes
Femoral trabeculae of Tachyorychtes sp
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