Nyakatura-Lab for Comparative Zoology

Jana Ciecierska-Holmes

Jana Ciecierska-Holmes

B.Sc. candidate
Jana Ciecierska-Holmes

Jana is a bachelor student of biology at the HU Berlin. In her bachelor thesis she is investigating the morphology of the pectoral girdle of flying fishes and their relatives with the use of manual and semi-automated 3D segmentation methods. She is also a student assistant and supports and organises interdisciplinary projects between the Max Planck Institute (MPIKG) and the Cluster of Excellence: Matters of Activity. Her collaborations focus on the cataloguing of tessellation motifs in nature as well as on specific cases such as the hyomandibula of stingrays.

The morphology of the pectoral region of flying fish (Exocoetidae)
and relatives (Beloniformes)

flying fish Oxyporhamphus micropterus

Flying fish (Exocoetidae) are capable of jumping and gliding considerable distances over the surface of the ocean using their pectoral (and in some cases pelvic) fins as wings. This project uses manual and semi-automated 3D segmentation software to investigate the morphology of the skeleton especially around the pectoral girdle region of Exocoetidae and relatives from the Beloniformes which have varying levels of flying abilities.

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