Jan Wölfer, M.Sc.

research assistant, Ph.D. candidate

Email: jan.woelfer(at)hu-berlin.de

Phone: +49.30.2093-6309


I received my Bachelor’s degree in biology at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg and my Master’s degree in evolution, ecology and systematics at the FSU Jena. During my Master’s program, I focused on the functional morphology of the vertebrate locomotor apparatus.

At the moment, I am working on my Ph.D. project trying to understand morpho-functional adaptations to different locomotor behaviors within the group of sciuromorph rodents. I’m using an integrated approach including geometric morphometrics to enlighten anatomical aspects and videography (standard and x-ray) as well as force plates to enlighten biomechanical aspects of morpho-functional adaptations.

Regarding future projects, I want to include behavioral studies in the wild as well as anatomical investigations of fossil members of this group to obtain a more detailed picture of the evolution of the sciuromorph locomotor apparatus.